Suggestions/Questions for the Belles? Monday Jan 31 @ 11:52pm
Monday Jan 31 @ 11:50pm
I’ll keep making the sandwiches as long as he keeps bringing home the bread. TSM (via yurmanandbourbon) Monday Jan 31 @ 11:47pm
Monday Jan 31 @ 11:47pm
No changin’ who I am, that’s they way I’ve always been. No matter what state I’m in, I’m in a southern state of mind. Darius Rucker (via sailingprep) Monday Jan 31 @ 11:47pm
About The Belles.

We are two Southern Sorority women brought together by our love of all things Southern. 

This tumblr will serve as a junior blog for the main blog, Southern Loving, which will feature weekly columns about fashion, etiquette, and life in the South.


The Belles

Monday Jan 31 @ 11:41pm

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